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Here at Bear & Sesame LLC we are an Interior and Exterior Home Automation Remodeling Entertainment Company. We provide practical and advanced solutions in the home electronic and consultation services for open Wifi renovations. We are proud of our extensive team of contractors who help develop enriched Home Media, Mobility and Internet Solutions entertainment company. We currently offer AT&T Cellular, DIRECTV Satellite Services, DIRECTVNOW streaming services, BearsNet Internet Solutions, and Viasat Satellite Internet Services.

Our mission is to create a flowing experience for your home lifestyle choices. We pride our work to help you navigate your daily chores as easy and simply as possible. With our team of experts, we show you the products and the materials used in the wifi management practices as well as our options to add convenience, wireless and interactive touch to your homes elegance and interface. With our combined 15 years of cellular, satellite, construction and media experience we are proud to announce our fully combined business solutions company to the public. With many technologies that we are faced with in our daily lives we like to come home to a simple yet complex strategy to home living. Like all good products, the ones you keep are simply built in and are recharging at their docking pods or being installed in locations like your light switches, electrical plug outlets, and thermostats. From Wireless Security Cameras to your Hvac system we have you covered. We are exclusively developing Fail Safe Isp systems for your back up and off grid internet system.

Bear & Sesame LLC has the ability to create your next home project whether big or small. We are committed to customer satisfaction and deal directly with residential and small commercial applications. We are excited to bring you a team of individuals who can deliver the best of all applications and remedies.

Our Services

Unlimited Wireless Internet Service

Our 4G plans all use a data card and a compatible router to bring Internet from your local cell phone towers to your home. All our data modems allow 3G/4G, +HSPA, in remote areas depending on signal availability, allowing you to use either service with no equipment exchange. All offers are contingent on test results after installation. Please be aware the prices and speeds are all fixed. Complimentary Wi-fi built in, not tech supported. We do offer routers that are tech supported.

As a consulting and contracting firm we believe our products are best delivered by industry standard and practices and have created partnerships with local businesses to being a part of the installation process. We credit our teams to being prompt, courteous and outright the best in the field of construction, telecommunications and wireless home automation.
DIRECTV + VIASAT + VOIP (GOOGLE or VIASAT) and now AT&T Mobility. Rural internet availability for people using slow internet systems like DSL or Hotspots (Cellular Data Plans) while they are at home or off the grid.

We offer speeds upwards between 12Mbps – 100Mbps. The newer satellite feed promises a faster and more quality internet experience. We pride services that can engineer your home to begin communicating with your products that may need backup reliable services in all events. We offer Fail-Safe ISP installations for small businesses and residential properties that rely on internet connections in the event of any internet disconnection. We can have your system backup in transferring data while your other primary broadband system is rebooting or being repaired by your internet provider. Homes that are in the country off the main grid or homes with slower than normal speeds like DSL internet systems from Frontier or Verizon are more than welcome to take part in a faster internet, Viasat. Due to speeds and priority data limits we have limitations which will be disclosed and discussed. Viasat User Agreement We will find out what’s best for you and what can help serve your needs as expected. Check out our site here:

We provide custom TV installations from hanging your TV on your wall to your ceiling, brick, stone, concrete, wiring cable throughout your home or business, building custom shelves to retain your audio/visual and custom display shelves custom built around your hanging TV for interior decorations.

Electronics and wireless equipment are an important aspect in your life and we would like to be apart creating unique scenarios in managing your system while you are away. We also install and setup security cameras to access your locations remotely online. We like home automation products as much as the next guy we offer installation and guided how to training in operating your home automation products that we install and setup for our clients.

From wireless thermostats, wall plates, lights and cameras we have you covered. We would like to make sure the products you want or are interested in are designed to work for you.

Bear & Sesame LLC in the Lehigh Valley would like to thank their existing customers this year without the support of our clients and employees we would have not made it this far. We are now taking in applications for employees who would like to take part in installations and sales. Sales group will manage the creation and new sales from DIRECTV, AT&T cellular phones, EXEDE satellite internet, to AUDIO/VIDEO installations. Please contact us here and send us your resume if you are an independent contractor with tools and vehicles, experience a plus.


Daniel and Andy went far above and beyond the call of duty to assure us of the best possible plan and service. They exceeded my expectations, were exceptionally knowledgeable, saved us money, and treated us like family. One evening they spent more than 3 hours of their time to make sure that our plan was exactly as they promised. I highly recommend them to anyone.

– Scott Stoll

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